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Photo Backgrounds

With the latest photo design technology, we are able to streamline your image staging to deal with weather, location, and other issues you may have while photographing your vehicle. We provide customers with consistent images for your inventory.

The image of the car is placed on top of a new background, forming a composit image and eliminating any lighting or weather issues that you may have with a regular photograph.


“With a ‘location challenge’ this is a good solution for us.”

Jerry McCann- General Manager, Mazda of Everett

Layover Attribution


“Another piece of the attribution model solved.”

Dan Moore- General Manager, Vista Dash

As attribution became a concern in 2008, we created a way for you to tag your inventory for every site that is displayed in your marketing network. You can use layovers with different phone numbers on different sites for the same vehicle so you know where your calls are coming from.

Examples of different phone numbers on and - DEP-i is not affiliated with or


You can truly work car by car on hard to move units.

Our back-end allows you to control where your layovers show up - whether it’s on Auto Trader, Craigslist, or any other website. You can add a custom layover to any website where your vehicles are displayed using our DEP-i back end. If you are looking for the best attribution set up, this is it!




Our system allows you to attribute a unique overlay to each car, called “full manage overlays.” These overlays will appear on a specific car across all your marketing platforms.

Automated Layover Management

Pick a discount or a graphic such as “Lifetime Warranty” or “Lifetime Oil Changes” to show on selected vehicles within a range of attributes, such as all vehicles under $10,000. This gives you more marketing tools to better target your customers.

You can truly customize how each one of your cars looks on your website as well as in other places your vehicles are displayed.


“It is image marketing, which may be the future of social media and display marketing.”

Dave Page- COO, Dealer E Process

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