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Mark Up Data & Marketing

We wanted to provide dealerships with the opportunity to build secondary departments within their main systems by customizing their own data. This works by adding key words that make your vehicle show up in specific searches depending on what the customer is looking for.


“This tool has been amazing at increasing conversions for custom PPC campaigns.”

Samantha Santimaw, Director of Marketing Technology - Dealer E Process

Mark Up Data: Craigslist


If you have a secondary financing department, we are able to post a group of vehicles (for example, those less than $15,000), to a separate account with different phone numbers, overlays, and other marketing tools.

Faster Buying Decisions

If there is one thing we have learned from Amazon’s success, it is that providing the most information about your product eliminates doubt, and that the customer who is certain they have found the right product and becomes a buyer.

While we don’t argue the validity or lack thereof of purely online shopping for vehicles, I do argue for the validity of the online decision moment, or as Google has named it “Zero Moment of Truth” when a potential customer makes a decision to purchase a product from online information.

The dealer with the best media display will come out on top in the online shopping competition.

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