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Hot Spots: No Longer Just for Carvana


“To be the best, we must have the best.”

Tom Murdock, General Manager - Lee Johnson

Those of you on DEP websites can take advantage of our newest hot spot software that has greater integration and quality than others on the market.


“We wanted the customer to be able to see all the options while still looking at the vehicle, rather than scrolling down and losing connection with the product.”

Sam Vukas, Lead Product VDP - Dealer E Process

*DEP-i is not affiliated with Carvana.

Hot Spots: DEP-i Software


“You must have the data to make the decisions.”

Brian Pash, Owner -PCG Companies

The main advantage of the DEP-I software is that it is part of the website. We are able to gather a much larger data set and record everything within your Google Analytics. We are also able to use a full-size screen to show details that would otherwise be missed.


Say hello to the NEW SRP

SRP: Search Result Page

A few years ago, we started to measure form submissions independently at the SRP and VDP level. We learned they were almost 50/50. For the last couple of years, we have done ample changes to the SRP to move from a mere click path to the VDP to a decision-making place.

Customers that click on the pay per click campaign can see all available vehicles for the model they are searching for in one click, and – with larger, detailed images – make an immediate decision to buy a vehicle.


“One technology enables many changes.”

Dave Page, COO - Dealer E Process

VDP: Us vs. Them

Other sites have tiny images of their vehicles displayed in both the SRP and VDP, with no zoom function to view image details.

DEP-i makes sure you can see all the details with a re-formatted VDP that shows large, high definition images and all the information customers need to make a decision to buy your vehicle.

This VDP shows images at a maximum of 640x427px, with no way to see a 170px fullscreen image of the vehicle.

Our VDP has a much larger image space of 900x600px (almost double!), with fullscreen photos only a click away.

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