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DEP-I Admin Staff

SR Web Developer  Geo  Camposano
Geo Camposano
SR Web Developer

DEP Account Executives

Senior Account Executive Jake Martin
Jake Martin
Senior Account Executive
Email Message
Call: 877-622-2291 EXT: 111
Senior Account Executive Jessica Kramer
Jessica Kramer
Senior Account Executive
Email Message
Call: 877-622-2291 EXT: 120
Senior Data Account Executive Barbara Fotesco
Barbara Fotesco
Senior Data Account Executive
Email Message
Call: 877-622-2291 EXT: 102


Director of Marketing Tech. Samantha Santimaw
Samantha Santimaw
Director of Marketing Tech.
Digital Marketing Strategist Dom Etter
Dom Etter
Digital Marketing Strategist
SEM Specialist Victor Madaris
Victor Madaris
SEM Specialist


Graphic Designer Hannah Mathy
Hannah Mathy
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Kaycee Wilson
Kaycee Wilson
Graphic Designer

Photography Management By Area

South District Manager Mitchell  Koehler
Mitchell Koehler
South District Manager
Hi, my name is Mitchell Koehler. I have spent my entire life living in the beautiful evergreen state. I am a car enthusiast and and avid sports fan. I have been playing soccer since I was four but I enjoy doing anything active. I have worked with PGI for four years now and I truly enjoy taking photos of beautiful cars.
North District Manager Anthony  Nitzel
Anthony Nitzel
North District Manager
Soccer is my main passion but cars are a very close second. Seeing and being the first to drive the newest cars on the market is great but nothing beats an old school classic. The best part about photography for me is being able to capture a single moment because no two will ever be the same.

Photography North District Team

Photo Area Manager	 Matt  Wilson
Matt Wilson
Photo Area Manager
Photo Area Manager	 Jeremiah  Nusbaum
Jeremiah Nusbaum
Photo Area Manager
Im a advid gardener, like to build computers, hiking, music and movies. I like photography because it saves a moment in time and people are able to share experiences through them.
Photo Area Manager Charlie  Touch
Charlie Touch
Photo Area Manager
Born and raised in a small town of Wenatchee, Washington. I moved to Seattle when I graduated in 2013 and I have been loving everything this beautifully city has to offer. My main course of study is Cinematography and Production. On my free time I enjoy everything tech such as building computers, gaming, filming and editing projects. Go hawks and M's!

Photography South District Team

Photo Area Manager	 Anthony  Turner
Anthony Turner
Photo Area Manager
Hi! My name is Anthony Turner. Born and raised in New Jersey, I've recently made the move to the Evergreen State. I'm excited to be working with PGI because photography has been a passion of mine for a very long time. I'm thrilled to be able to say I love what I do
Photo Area Manager Brian  Garner
Brian Garner
Photo Area Manager
Hey there! My name is Brian Garner and I have been with this fantastic company for about a year and a half now. I couldn't be more happy with my job. This company gives me great opportunities and I'm always eager to get out there and meet new people and provide them a memorable experience. My passion is cars and I'm a dedicated Batman fan.
Photo Area Manager Andrew  Smith
Andrew Smith
Photo Area Manager
Hi, my name is Andrew Smith and I've been working for PGI for a year. Photography and tinkering with cars has always been a hobby for me. Photography for PGI was a great opportunity for me to do both of these things and also get a lot of experience in the auto industry.
Photo Area Manager Tiffany Nordland
Tiffany Nordland
Photo Area Manager
I'm Tiffany Nordland. I am 20 years old, and I have a passion for cars. I was fortunate enough to be hired and trained even though I have no prior photo experience. I love this job, and I love being able to photograph cool cars.
Photo Area Manager  Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore
Photo Area Manager
Hello everybody! My name is Tyler Moore and I was born and raised in Washington State. I had almost no photo experience prior to being hired to this job, but I've really enjoyed learning how to take better pictures as well as the opportunity to drive so many different vehicles. Outside of work I enjoy playing games, watching something, or reading a book. Basically I enjoy anything where i can get lost in a different world.

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